We’re a group of friends that rely on eachother a lot. But that’s the good part about us. The fact we’ll help each other out no matter what, as long as we’re able to. Everyone’s treated as equal as possible. We have many different types of people.. RPers, PC Gamers, Console Gamers, Anime Obsessed people~

It’s FFA in our group. Just as long as you promise to do your best!
Ganbatte, Yo!

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I’ve been too busy to blog lately! My apologies! I’ve been working on a project the past month with my crew. We’re working on a game server for Minecraft.

We’re in Open Beta for it, it requires 4 people to start. The address to play is :

Leave feedback if you play! We’re looking for bugs, and ways to make the game better.

Team Gold Wins!

Team Gold - LastChanceHero, Twdtwd, Ludacryst

Coming from 6 items behind to winning by one item! Congratulations to Team Gold!

Good Job on Team Emerald, you guys did extremely well!

In other news related to this, we still need to name that event.
Our World Seed is “Minobies” without the quotations.

We realized a few things needed to be implemented

  • Add a crafting table and furnace to each house..
  • Change the beams around.

We’re also debating some features to be added. Comment/reply if you want to voice your opinion on these changes.

  • 2 Hour Timer - Don’t know if we can pause this. 
    - Ability to warp every player to base at the end of the timer, no cheating on the way back.
  • Random Generating Item lists before each game
  • Team Kill Counts
  • See if there’s a way to impliment a world warp thing, like in game servers, so we can return to this one with the items, but be in another one to obtain them, idk, I’m tired while writing this in hopes I’ll remember. If we keep using the same map we’ll memorize it too easily.
  • Different Bases for both teams… Same Spawn Spot

This post will probably be modified over time.

Made teams with this. Closed my eyes and had someone tell me stop. 

LastExpellian is Captain of Team Emerald, and LastChanceHero is Captain of Team Gold.
If anyone does not believe me here is the screenshot.

We will be divided between 2 teams. TeamSpeak is optional but recommended, you will be seperated into your teams group for the event. Do not leave your groups TeamSpeak to join the other groups TeamSpeak group if you don’t want your team eliminated.

There is no team chat in the game, it’s set to all.

PVP will be on, but not allowed in the safe zone.

Game Starts at : 5:30PM PST
If you cannot make it, or you’re late, or you have to afk, it’s your team that suffers, so get there as soon as you can. Make sure you afk in the Safe Zone, or who knows what will happen.

Team Emerald

  • LastExpellian
  • Rashindra
  • FishStand

Team Gold

  • LastChanceHero
  • Twdtwd
  • Ludacryst

Team Maker Link

Server :

Stream : or

If this goes well, we can have more, if not, then probably not.

What is reddit?


Reddit is a source for what’s new and popular on the internet. Users provide the content and then everyone votes on what’s good or not. The most popular posts show up on the front page, which is composed of different subreddits on Reddit.

Reddit is like a massive forum and subreddits are the different kinds of forums inside. Reddit is a great source of news, from world news to technology news. There are many subreddits with a large range of topics, for example, if you like pokemon you would get onto where people post comics, jokes, cool pictures, etc, just a place to discuss and enjoy pokemon. 

One of my favorite subreddits would be AskReddit, where people basically ask questions and people answer them. This is awesome because the answers can be funny or very thought provoking, depending on the question. This website could be a handy tool for everything good on the internet, basically.

You could also subscribe to subreddits so that the popular threads on there will show up on your front page, making it very simiar to Tumblr where you could just scroll down every morning and get a bit of every of your interests. 

Though if you do want to use it, I would suggest you download the add-on RES, which is basically the missing e of Reddit. There are lot of images on Reddit and instead of individually clicking on every link, you could just have them displayed out to you, or change the interface of Reddit and make it black, night mode, which is easier on the eyes. It just makes the site better, like missing e did. 

We now have a Reddit!

I don’t know if you guys will find this more useful or not, but it’s there :)

Hey there, Luda here.

So for some reason, I can’t upload FF14 pics normally on Tumblr. What’evs. Heres some from my adventure so far.

I just can’t explain this outfit..

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Hi guys, I have returned! I’m ready to get back into game, drawing, creative writing and stuffs. Anyone still playing PC games? If so lemme know and gimme a link so I can download and join! ^.^ Just ask/write me, skype, or something. Thankies!!!!


Erwin and I kind of disappeared to here..

Gilgamesh Server
Crystal’s IGN : Crysti Rodri (Archer Lv16)
Erwin’s IGN : Hiro Rodri (Conjurer Lv16)
Free Company (Guild) : Limit Break 

We don’t own/run/manage the guild. But I could ask if any of Chocobies members want in.